Rising Park, Lancaster Ohio


One of the cool features of Ohio is that the Appalachian Mountains runs through it. Rising Park in Lancaster has a small "mountain" called Mount Pleasant that you can climb. At the top, you can see part of the Appalachian Mountain range.

James A. Rhodes State Office Tower, Columbus Ohio


The James A. Rhodes State Office Tower is the tallest building in Columbus, however most people probably would not have guessed that. After obtaining a visitor's badge from a security officer on the first floor (since it is a Government building), you can travel to the highest floor and get an amazing view of Columbus from every direction. My favorite part of this place is that it's so high you can see the Appalachian Mountain range running through Ohio from it (it's actually 50 miles southwest of Columbus).

Alum Creek State Park, Delaware Ohio


One of my favorite places to spend time alone. Alum Creek is a fun place to be. There's either people walking, jogging, playing with kids, or even boating. It's a great place to take pictures, and every year for the Fourth of July the park puts on an amazing fireworks display over the water.

Buckeye Lake State Park, Millersport Ohio


I don't think many people know of Buckeye Lake, but it's an amazing place. I like to go during the sunset and spend time thinking.There is a small but really cool community that lives around Buckeye Lake, and a lot of the time you can see people fishing.

Route 161, Alexandria Ohio


Route 161 was a highway I always wanted to try long exposure on, because it's a major freeway but it runs through quiet parts of Ohio. The area I took this photo was on a street that rises over Route 161. I pulled over and used my tripod to take the shot.

Prairie Oaks Metro Park, West Jefferson Ohio


Prairie Oaks Metro Park is in a remote location in the outskirts of Hilliard, Ohio and is a pretty big park. Don't get lost.

Atrium Park, Columbus Ohio


Atrium Park is a beautiful place to shoot at. Featuring a lake, the park is located right off the Olentangy trail and offers a nice rest stop for bikers.

Columbus Park of Roses, Columbus Ohio


The Columbus Park of Roses is a beautiful location for shooting. During the summer, the park's namesake is in full bloom and many couples have their weddings here.

Franklin Park, Columbus Ohio


Franklin Park is located next to the Franklin Park Conservatory and features a nice location for shooting that many people seem to not take advantage of.

Goodale Park, Columbus Ohio


Located in the Short North, Goodale Park features a great location for watching the Columbus skyline and the many events that happen downtown (Red White and BOOM).

Dawes Arboretum, Newark Ohio


Dawes Arboretum is another ne of my favorite getaway locations. Located east of Columbus, this location is very popular for weddings, portraits, and even exploring. Featuring an observatory deck and a location in a valley, it's possible to see Newark Ohio and other nearby places from here.

Pataskala, Ohio


Pataskala is a place close to my heart. Located close to Columbus, it offers a quiet atmosphere with various locations for shooting. Try to get lost in Pataskala, and you'll be surprised with what you find.

The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio


Ohio State offers a lot of places to take pictures such as Ohio Stadium, the Oval and Mirror Lake. Just walk around campus and shoot what you see.

O'Shaughnessy Reservoir, Delaware Ohio


The O'Shaughnessy Reservoir runs parallel to Route 257 and offers many on shore small, private locations for picture taking and relaxation. 

Griggs Reservoir, Columbus Ohio


Griggs Park is a place I occasionally go to get away from it all. It's pretty close to Ohio State and usually the only people there are those fishing or boat riding.

Mason, Ohio


While I was in Cincinnati during the summer, I visited Mason several times. Across the street from Cottell Park, there was a sunflower field where people were taking pictures. I came back while the sun was setting to take this shot.

Carew Tower, Cincinnati Ohio


Carew Tower was the tallest building in Cincinnati until 2010, when the Great American Tower at Queen City Square was completed. After paying $2 to access the observation deck on the tower's 49th floor, you can view all of Cincinnati and part of Kentucky.

Devou Park, Covington Kentucky


Devou Park is a really cool place my friends took me. Several miles south of Cincinnati, this massive park is hilly and offers a great view of downtown Cincinnati.