I think we were designed to create.

Not necessarily in the creating babies way, but in the "working with your hands" way. I think deep in our innate nature, written in our DNA makeup is a desire to make things.

I like to take pictures. Photography was something I always wanted to do, but never had the means to start. Six year-olds can't really walk to the nearest camera store and buy a Canon. However, with Photography I can create real, tangible things. I'm allowed to climb tall buildings to catch amazing sunsets, photograph people graduating and moving on to their next chapter in life, whatever I want. I can make my photos a reflection of myself. If I'm happy, I can make my photographs reflect that. If I'm sad I can make my photographs dark and gloomy. I can tell stories in photographs, paint pictures never seen before, explore to my heart's content. The desire to create drives me. It's the same force that gave me the desire to travel to different cities every weekend and photograph whatever I wanted this past summer. It also taught me a lot. Louisville is boring, but a blossoming hipster city. Chicago is expensive. Pittsburgh is hipster, has a lot of bridges, and isn't very boring. Nashville really likes country music.

I like music. I play a couple of instruments, but I honestly want to learn them all. I play the drums, violin, and guitar. I took a hiatus on the violin a couple of years back, but I'm going to start getting back into it. I plan on transitioning to the bass once I feel comfortable enough to sing songs on the guitar in front of people (I'm almost there). Then piano. Then the trumpet, because I've always wanted to dabble with brass. Then, either the flute or saxophone. I haven't thought that far ahead yet, but I think saxophone might win that round. I also really like to listen to music. The Temper Trap is ruling my Spotify playlists right now, with Coldplay coming in at a close second. My dream is the lead Worship in church with the guitar. And write songs.

I also like to write computer programs. It's so incredibly nerdy, but so complex. You have an army of languages and tools to help you create in this space. You could write an application in C. It's pretty fast and powerful, but be careful with it. Java is great because it has it's own Virtual Manager which means you can write one application to be used on several different platforms. JavaScript (not to be confused with Java) is for web applications. It's pretty cool (but there are way too many frameworks for it). C++ is weirdly cool, and C# is just another name for Microsoft Java. True hipster developers use Python and Ruby. Dealing with a lot of data and need to perform statistical analysis on it? Try R. Use SQL for databases, or maybe NoSQL will get the job done for you. The list goes on.

We were created to create.