Dear Christians: step out of the bubble

2015 was a year where America was forced to look many different issues in the eye. The death of Freddie Gray was one of the many reminders about the reality of police brutality. Mass shootings refused to slow its roll. The refugee crisis continues. 

Sometimes I find myself in a bubble. Sometimes I go to church, sing five to six songs about the goodness of God, listen to a sermon about how great God is, then go home, only to repeat the process next week. Sometimes I find myself out of touch with events occurring in my country, my neighborhood, my school, my friends, even my family. Sometimes I find myself silent on issues of injustice, oppression, and general wrong. I become complacent and focused on myself and my issues. I don't take risks, I exist in a bubble and learn to feel fine with where I am.

Living like that is my deepest fear.

I'm tired of existing in the regular. I'm tired of churches avoiding "taboo" topics like pornography, substance abuse, and divorce because they're upsetting and "no one could possibly be struggling with those things." I'm tired of my Christian friends who avoid talking about issues of race because "it's uncomfortable." I'm tired of churches who are more interested in the production aspects of a service and the color of carpets than saving souls. I'm tired of Christians who are more focused on getting married early than following God's will. I'm tired of being complacent and not doing my part.

How does police brutality affect me personally? How can I help refugees who are running for their lives? What can I possibly do to address mass shootings in America? How can I help my friend as his parents' marriage is falling apart? Maybe I don't have to start with taking risks on a huge scale such as becoming a missionary. There are plenty of risk-taking opportunities around me.

As Christians, I think it's very easy to for us become caught in the bubble. I say us because I don't want to seem as if I'm pointing a finger at everyone else, I'm really pointing a finger at myself. Jesus existed outside of the bubble. He took risks, cared for the marginalized, spoke about and fought against oppression, and loved people. I want to live like Him every day.

I want 2016 to be a year where my faith exists in the realm of risk. 

Dear Christians, I implore us all to step out of the bubble.